Lucy Pawlack, Lost Beat Officer, 2016. Image: Bernard G Mills

Lucy Pawlak
Lost Beat Officer

Saturday 11 June – Sunday 12 June 2016

Sea Cadets’ Hall

“Every contact leaves a trace”

In this performance/workshop, a beat officer-turned-artist will inaugurate an independent police academy that fuses advanced digital forensics with the situationist practice of détournement. Participants are invited to model with London Clay – a material commonly found in South East England and used for making bricks and pottery – to materialise missing evidence from disappeared activity and unexplained events.

This project emerged out of a malfunction in Dorothy. Dorothy is an interface linking the brain to a cloud. Her officers are hybrid agents cerebrally connected to a global archive of big data. When a Dorothy Officer arrives on a crime scene, the cloud begins a conversation with the officer’s thoughts, generating relevant forensic data. Dorothy collaborates with hybrid agents to create a global daisy chain of activity relating to any given event.

The work is approx 75 minutes long. No booking necessary, but places are limited.

Beat Officer – Charles Adrian Gillott
My Assistant – Vera Chok
Dorothy – Truth Lab Technology

Staff at Smeed Dean Works
Ian Martinson
Brickfinder Ltd
Seaview Holiday Park
Tom Thumb Theatre
Barry Toogood