A New Career In A New Town Cover

Download: Ania Bas, ‘A New Career In A New Town’

A New Career In A New Town (2019) is a creative writing manual, a diary and a selection of experimental texts that respond to the context of a new town being built on the banks of the Thames in North Kent.

Taking its title from a project devised for Whitstable Biennale by Ania Bas, Sally O’Reilly & Kit Caless in 2018, this e-book acts both as a ‘user’s guide’ to the project’s writing exercises and as a collection of the eleven participating artists’ responses.

Caroline Bergvall, Conference, 2018. Video Still: Andy Delaney

Watch: Caroline Bergvall, ‘Conference (After Attar)’

This video documents Conference (After Attar), a multi-channel performance which premiered at Whitstable Biennale 2018. Drawing from Attar’s medieval poem The Conference Of The Birds, Caroline Bergvall leads a conversation between six conversants, who each share their thoughts on journeys they’ve engineered with their work, and the ways they each experience how languages and species move across places and through time. As the conversation progresses, voice frequencies and other elements start to affect it asking other forms of listening from the audience.

Dipesh Pandya – Residency Feed

A collection of Instagram posts and links by multiple alter egos used by the artist Dipesh Pandya, Whitstable Biennale artist in residence in North Kent January – April 2019. The posts explore the multidimensional characteristics of different lines of enquiry pursued by Pandya throughout the residency period. This process is used as a way to acknowledge and collate layers of reference, in the form of texts, images and sounds, as responses to information the artist is gathering.

Interview with Kino Paxton

Kino Paxton is an emerging and significant new voice in Richard Layzell’s new international work ‘The Naming’. Their relationship is embedded in the process and supported by the legacies of philosophers Heraclitus and Arne Naess, along with composer Hollis Taylor’s extraordinary research into the song of the pied butcherbird. Below is a transcript of Emma Leach talking to Paxton about his relationship with Layzell and his role as activator or trickster in Layzell’s working process.