Performance Klub Fiskulturnik
Yugo Yoga on Whitstable Beach

Saturday 15 September 2012

Royal Native Oyster Stores

Yugo yoga is a series of participatory performances that cross over visual art, live art & movement theatre by fusing elements of yoga, archived physical exercises (fiskultura), poses and gestures from figurative revolutionary sculptures, political slogans and New-age messages of self improvement. Coined from ‘Yugoslavia’ – (the country of artist Lara Ritosa Roberts’ birth that no longer exists) & ‘yoga’, the union, the performance revisits European communist cultural heritage whilst raising issues of collectivism & social happiness in contemporary society. It also draws a parallel between physical effort and determination of spirit – a need for theory to manifest itself as a practical deed. Yugo yoga is adaptable, site specific & responsive piece that wishes to communicate through an act of embodiment – directly to and through the body.  Since its conception in 2008, Roberts has been  developing Yugo yoga both as a solo and group piece in a variety of settings and contexts:  from parks, city squares, clubs, theatres and galleries to workshops and conferences. The material is often presented as a group 20 min long ‘intervention’ or as a durational installation piece using projections.