Mikhail Karikis

Saturday 3 April 2010

Museum and various locations around town

As a consequence of international economic calamities, a geographically expanding European Union, and continuing oppressive political regimes across the globe, populations have become increasingly mobile. People become strangers in their own country or abroad searching for financial stability or safety.

XENON, a collaborative project, orchestrated a series of unexpected encounters on stage and in the streets of Whitstable. Soldiers, an acrobat, a reciter of the Declaration of Human Rights, three sopranos and Death’s Ferryman stumbled across each other and evoke questions on belonging, memory, independence, territory and impossibility. The main performance in Whitstable took the form of a concert in an increasingly militarised and territorialised auditorium. Performing artists included Monica Ross, Juice Ensemble, Conall Gleeson, E.Laine, Amy Cunningham and Ben Crawley. A subsequent promenade performance saw the character of Death’s Ferryman cross Whitstable beach.