Jeremy Millar XDO XOL Photo credit Bernard G Mills

Jeremy Millar

Friday 6 June 2014

Royal Mail Delivery Office

Jeremy Millar is an artist, living in Whitstable, and a tutor at the Royal College of Art, London. Millar’s work is marked by history, and its ‘afterlife’ in the present day; how historic events, or places, might be activated in such a way that they become significant to us here and now. His works often develop from an object, person or place, and while these are often well-known or celebrated, his attention is often caught by something overlooked, a detail, an aside, that can become meaningful when given due attention.

XDO XOL is a film about a place, and the man who lives there. His life is an hermetic one, and we are unsure as to whether he might be a saint or a madman, perhaps even the Last Man. Dressed in a suit and overcoat, he certainly seems out of place, but then this is a place which itself seems uncertain: a place between light and dark, between land and water. We do not know who he is, nor why he is there, and indeed, he seems not to know, either. Perhaps his actions — modest, deliberate, full of unexplained import — are an attempt to discover such meaning, or at least an attempt to create it; an attempt which we are invited to join.

The work is on a loop. Visit at any point during opening times. Venue info will be made available here soon.