The Waiting Place, curated by Jeremy Millar, 2006, SS

The Waiting Place

Saturday 3 June – Sunday 18 June 2006

Gallery 1, Horsebridge Arts Centre

The Waiting Place was a programme of artists’ films curated for Whitstable Biennale 2006 by Jeremy Millar.

The programme featured works by artists including Mircea Cantor, Adam Chodzko, Luke Fowler, Szabolcs KissPal, Mark Lewis, Rosalind Nashashibi, the Otolith Group, Oliver Payne, Nick Relph, Anri Sala, Zineb Sedira and Roy Villevoye.

The Waiting Place is where we are when between places, between places that might seem more important. It is seldom a place that we might consider as valuable in itself, yet perhaps we should come to appreciate its keen sense of reflection and of anticipation, of what has been or might be. The videos in the programme, selected from a diverse array of national and international artists, share this sense of uncertainty, whether in their form – hovering between drama and documentary, performance and observation – or their ostensible subject matter.

At times this might appear ambiguous or unclear, perhaps the situations improbable or the actions suspect, yet they each offer us a place in which we can reside for a moment, and to consider where it is that we find ourselves.