Creaking Breeze Trio, Slack Fulcrum Twelfths (Green Vitriol), 2018. Photo: Rosie Lonsdale.

Creaking Breeze Trio
Slack Fulcrum Twelfths (Green Vitriol)

Sunday 10 June 2018

The Street

Slack Fulcrum Twelfths (Green Vitriol) is a new composition developed by The Creaking Breeze Trio for Whitstable. The Trio is a collaboration between Paul Abbott, Seymour Wright, and Ute Kanngiesser, using drums, saxophone, and cello.

The composition has been guided by fragments from a series of letters about an imaginary band described in Nathaniel Mackey’s ongoing experimental fiction project From A Broken Bottle Traces Of Perfume Still Emanate.

The composition features: a moment of collective song; an imaginary glass bottom boat (as perspex cube); tidal dynamics; the physics of acoustic and atmospheric pressure. The trio perform their composition animated by the sea and the wind at the end of The Street, a shingle spit stretching out half a mile into the sea at low tide.

The Creaking Breeze Trio will perform for 60 minutes, during the 30 minutes of ‘slack water’ time either side of the low tide mark at 16.47pm. The trio will perform with and during any weather.

The Street is an uneven shingle spit of land that is exposed to the elements, sensible clothing is advised.