Andrew Kotting at Whitstable Biennale, 2016. Image: Bernard G Mills

Andrew Kötting
Salon: Sound

Saturday 11 June 2016

Cinema, Horsebridge Arts Centre

Kötting has been running ‘salons’ for over 15 years, initially developed with the artist and filmmaker Clio Barnard, at KIAD (now the University for the Creative Arts). Early on, students were shown diverse moving image works to pique curiosity and provoke debate. The salons grew in an organic way to include readings, sound pieces, and the occasional performance. Invariably the sessions were quite loose and Kötting would respond to something that Clio presented, almost as a call and response device.

In this second salon, Kötting will present work with Conor Kelly, an artist and musician. There will be an aural bias to the proceedings but again the structure will remain loose and the audience will be invited to watch two men struggling to make sense of their particular miscellanies.

The salons are a partnership between University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury and Whitstable Biennale. Please note: the salons may include adult material not suitable for under 16s.

Salon references:

Jem Finer and Andrew Kotting – Visionary Landscapes
Matthew Tickle – What the Eye can’t see the Heart can’t grieve for (DVD)
Conor Kelly – Pendulum Um Hum Ummmmm
Alvin Lucier – I am sitting in a Room
Conor Kelly – Sound & Music (DVD)
Semiconductor – All the Time in the World
Marcus Coates – Out of Season
Robert Bresson – Man Escaped
Andrew Kotting & Conor Kelly – I Wish I Was A Little Birdie (By Our Selves)



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