Emma Hart, Monument to the unsaved #2 (M20 death drives), 2012. Image: Image: Matt Wilson

Emma Hart
Monument to the unsaved #2 (M20 death drives)

Saturday 1 September – Sunday 16 September 2012

Sea scouts’ hut, Long Beach

Artist Emma Hart was commissioned to work over two Biennales, beginning with Emma Hart projects the future in 2010.

In her video installation Monument to the unsaved #2 (M20 death drives), wing mirror puppets are trapped in a fantasy role playing game; amongst them is the character ‘Emma Hart (second level visual artist)’. In a previous round, Hart was made to crash on the M20 whilst on a ‘death drive’ to Canterbury. Repeating the journey 22 years later, the character encounters a series of mysterious ‘service stations’, positioned within the game as catering trays.

The work was a new 3D video commission for the Biennale.

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