Phil Coy
Krapp’s Shultz

Saturday 8 September 2012

Royal Native Oyster Stores

For Krapp’s Shultz, Coy cut together two books by different authors using a guillotine in a printing press – literally taking slices of the two books and joining them together to make a new, single volume. This action is partly an affectionate dig at Samuel Beckett, the author of one of the books, who once described William S Burroughs (the author of the second book) as a plumber, not a writer. Both authors used a similar narrative device of having characters search through recorded audio or transcribed material – their characters jump through different sections of the material in a non-linear way, creating a ‘cut-up’ effect. Krapp’s Shultz is a three-part project comprised of: a performance, a book and a film. Coy performed the first part in a live edit derived from the chance cuts of the guillotine and the material processes of the project – a VJ mix of redundant analogue media incorporating reel-to-reel tape and VHS video.