Interval, Blaze, 2016. © the artists

Conor Kelly
Joan Key
Jost Münster
Moyra Derby
Nicky Hamlyn
{} Interval

Thursday 9 June – Sunday 12 June 2016

Waiting room, Whitstable Railway Station

{} Interval reflects on the momentary encounter, caught within or cut by the limit of rectangular support, viewfinder, picture space or film reel. The five artists will work collaboratively in the space, presenting works to be seen as components and supports for each other, negotiating how one work frames or cuts across another.

As the collective installation for {} Interval takes shape, the set-up process will be documented as part of a live event and played back into the space. What constitutes the work, how to assess the arena of influence of one element to another will be approached as an open question, attention shifting between image, apparatus, space and medium. The edits, interruptions and inter-dependencies between frame and interval, between set-up and viewpoint become evident, offering a basis for discussion and comment between artists and audience.

With thanks to Southeastern

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