Hannah Lees, Everything that Happens Simply Happens, 2014. Photo: Bernard G Mills

Hannah Lees
Everything That Happens Simply Happens

Sunday 1 June 2014

Sea Cadets’ Hall

Hannah Lees’ work investigates ideas about constancy and mortality; the sense that things come to an end and the potential for new beginnings. This constancy, be it in religion or in organic matter, is visible in her practice through her attempts to make sense of and recognise traces of life.

This event invites the viewer to participate in the ancient communal ritual of consuming bread and wine. Inspired by religion and ritual as well as the archaeological digs in her home town of Canterbury, Lees’ work investigates the constancy of cycles whether in religion or in the natural world. Food consumption and food waste play equally important roles in her work, as seen in this event where bottles of wine and homemade bread will be presented as offerings that bring people together. These ‘gifts’ will be presented on a cloth made from vegetable dye at a communal table and benches. Meanwhile a 1970’s rock music film will play in the background – an alternative reference to the ritual of communal gathering, excess and worship.