Image courtesy of Georgia Nelson

Nantes School of Art
Elle Elle et Elle Aussi

Sunday 3 June 2018

The New Inn

The Nantes School of Art in France is returning to perform at the Biennale for the second time. The humour, sensitivity, and courage of the students in 2016 has led to this new collaborative work, a 40-minute performance in the form of a conference/cabaret.

The performance has been developed at the art school through experimental workshops. It is based on a previous performance by Georgia Nelson, which had three communicating elements on the stage; Georgia herself, a projected film and three female figures. For this new performance, the group have re-written the work, in which art history meets and collides with dance, music, autobiographical readings, poetry, drawing and silence.

Performing are Georgia Nelson, Daniel Perrier and five students from The Nantes School of Art, France.