Julie Bevan, Dot Kids Workshop: Digital Sound, 2018. Photo: Lou Lou Sainsbury

Julie Bevan
Dot Kids Workshops

Saturday 2 June – Saturday 9 June 2018

1st floor Hub, Horsebridge Arts Centre

Slogan Art Workshop
14:15-15:45 Saturday 2 June
In this workshop for children, we will look at the work of artist, writer, author & musician Bob & Roberta Smith aka Patrick Brill, whose often humorous slogans address art, politics & pop culture. In particular we will look at the work he produces to highlight the importance of art education. We will create our own slogan art and place it around around the town. For ages 5-11.

Sound Art Workshop
16:00-17:30 Monday 4 June
In this workshop for children we will discuss the work of Susan Philipsz who was the first sound artist to win the Turner Prize in 2010. Philipsz often uses recordings of her own singing voice, with all its imperfections, to create intimacy. The audio is then played in urban spaces exploring the geographic location and the effect it has on our emotions. Together we will create our own sound artwork which will be played in the shelter on West Beach by the tennis courts — all are welcome to join us there towards the end of the session to hear the sound work we will have made. For ages 5-11. Meet at Horsebridge foyer (workshop takes place on beach).

Organic Sculpture Workshop
14:15-15:45 Saturday 9 June
In this workshop for children we will look at the work of artist Christiane Löhr, who uses organic materials, including blossom, seed heads and horsehair in her sculptures & installations. These delicate works softly dance, creating fascinating movement of shadow. Using organic materials from the beach we will create our own organic sculptures. For ages 5-11.