Collaborative Research Group
CRG @ The HQ

Sunday 1 June 2014

Biennale HQ

Collaborative Research Group is a new alternative education programme, a collaboration between University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and CRATE, a studio and project space in Margate. It brings together a group of six arts practitioners who are interested in collaborative working and the pluralities of contemporary visual art practice (including producing, curating, organising and writing). This programme is conceived as both alternative and complementary to postgraduate and research-based education. The six CRG artists are Áine Belton, Dom Elsner, Louisa Love, Alex Parry, Trish Scott and Charley Vines. CRG is co-ordinated by artist Toby Huddlestone.

CRG is creating a social space within the HQ, providing a context for interpreting the Biennale through participatory activity, talks, tours and other events. Come to the HQ to find out more, or look on the CRG website at to see what’s on.

Special events:

10:00-18:00, The Public Zine Library – CRG are inviting visitors to contribute to an ongoing public zine that will be published on the last day of the Biennale

13:00-14:30, Artist talk: The ARKA Group – Ben Jeans Houghton & Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau from the ARKA Group discuss their collaborative practice and their commissioned artwork at this year’s Biennale. Concludes with a walk to view The ARKA Group’s commission at St. Peter’s Church Hall.