Sarah Dobai & Tom McCarthy, Bees In A Hive Of Glass, 2018. Photo: Rosie Lonsdale

Sarah Dobai
Tom McCarthy
Bees in a Hive of Glass

Saturday 9 June 2018

South Quay Boatshed

This performance takes the form of a photographic shoot taking place in a live context, and features a new prose poem by novelist Tom McCarthy.

The performance took place in vitrine-like spaces, reminiscent of acoustic pods, as found in office environments. In these spaces models enact improvised and rehearsed actions and behaviours that explore the architectural use of glass to divide and demarcate space.

The writing and the performance reflect in parallel on the use of glass – impermeable yet transparent – to hinder the transmission of sound and create areas of display and enactment which contrast with the surrounding space, which is characterised as offstage / offside.

The poem, produced through the cut-up technique, will be delivered as a recording of its reading which will be accompanied by  a dynamic soundscape.

Thanks to Sohrab Golsorkhi-Ainslie, Lloyd Barker at Direct Lighting and Malcolm Quinn at Chelsea College of Art.

This event was repeated at 15:00 and at 17:00.

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