Mikhail Karikis, Ain’t Got No Fear, 2016. Image: Bernard G Mills

Mikhail Karikis
Ain’t Got No Fear

Saturday 11 June – Sunday 12 June 2016

Youth Centre

For his new film Mikhail Karikis worked for almost a year with teenage boys from the Isle of Grain – a stark and sparsely populated Kentish marshland dominated by industry, military ruins and rare wetland birds. Centred around the boys’ performance of a collaboratively composed rap song, that is also a rackety reclaiming of a local site where youth raves were recently shut down, the film presents the immense site as it is defined by childhood adventure, conjuring up secret hideaways and creating a form of spatial justice determined by the logic of play and friendship. Using as their beat the persistent crushing noises of the demolition of a neighbouring power plant, the boys of Grain rap about their lives presenting glimpses of teenage diaries, spanning their memories of being younger to their visions of the future.

The work is approx 15 minutes long on a loop. Visit at any point during opening times.

A co-commission with Ideas Test via their Out of the Ordinary Places programme