Max Leonard Hitchings

Max Leonard Hitchings (born 1984) studied Writing with Contemporary Practices at Dartington College of Arts, graduating 2007. Hitchings curates the Transient Constellations label and events series at numerous venues in London. He works predominantly with sound, noise and performance, recent projects include A Red Bed For Robin’s Red Head, download for NOSE2014, Exeter (2014); Lumen, self-published chapbook (2013); Spider Hashish*, self-published CDr (2013); Beetle Black*, self-published CDr (2013); Golden Molecules*, download (2013); /\ KAJA /\ LAAB /\†; download (2013); Venezuala Funeral Limbo Continues‡, download (2013); Verum Ipsum Factum*, download (2012); An Outside With An Inside In It§, self-published CDr (2012). He regularly performs live at venues such as Cafe OTO, London (2010); Power Lunches, London (2011 – 2013); Windmill Brixton, London (2011-2013). Recent performances include Tony‡, Power Lunches, London (2012); Jelly Lake‡, Hope & Anchor, London (2012); 1000 Special Drawing Rights‡, Chipbuilder’s Noise Lounge, London (2012).
(*as Amnertia; † with Chronotopolagus; ‡ as Xithi Chasm; § with Nematodes)

The initials WW stand for Woody Woodpecker as anti-arborescent avatar, the first, the last, destroyer, creator, devourer of the upright, the world bringer, the usher, the big crunch.

Taking his cue from the title of John Walter’s project ‘Turn My Oyster Up’, i.e. ‘make me smile’, Max Leonard Hitchings will present a sacred fool in the form of Woody Woodpecker, whose colours are yellow, red and blue, adorned with the Hebrew letters ?(Aleph), the Fool in the tarot, ?(Shin), the Aeon/Judgement in the tarot and ?(Mem), the Hanged Man in the tarot.
Hitchings casts Woody’s penchant for destroying trees as ‘crazy wisdom’, attempting to ally it to an anti-arborescent tendency, in line with Deleuze and Guattari’s rhizome theory.

WW is a transformative ritual performance featuring noise, extended vocal and breathing techniques and utilising manic humour as a form of initiatory gnosis.