Lucy Pawlak, Lost Beat Officer, 2016. © the artist.

Lucy Pawlak

Lucy Pawlak is a visual artist and scriptwriter. Pawlak has shown at venues including National Film Theatre, The Showroom, Hollybush Gardens, ICA (London), Art Metropole (Toronto), Karma International (Zurich), The Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Kettles Yard (Cambridge). Pawlak was a member of the Lux Associate Artists Programme (London), she also studied Cinematography at the Polish National Film School (Lodz, Poland) and Painting at the Royal College of Art. Most recently Pan American Machinery, a film Pawlak co-wrote with director Joaquin del Paso, has screened at the Berlin Berlinale 2016 and the Miami Film Festival, as well as winning the Mezcal Award for Best Mexican Feature Film and International Critics award at Guadalajara International Film Festival.