Helen Frik, Mess Tent Performance Programme, 2006. Image: Simon Steven

Helen Frik


Helen Frik is an English sculptor, painter, illustrator and photographer based in the Netherlands.
Her work is concerned with: human failing and art’s inability to live up to life; suggestions and propositions as opposed to fact; our inability to communicate and art’s inability to reflect this; and the reassuring dependability of the physical world – gravity, mass, form, material etc. as opposed to the unquantifiable nature of human emotion.

Frik is both artist and director of the Frik Collection Ceramic Museum. The ceramics museum was opened in 2011 after the artist decided she couldn’t possibly keep all the ceramics she was making. It contains almost almost 200 pieces: strange vases, remarkable objects, weird utensils.

Helen Frick was the roving chronicler of the opening weekend of the Whitstable Biennale 2006, collecting images and anecdotes as part of an ongoing drawing project. This was part of The mess tent performance programme, curated by Sally O’Reilly and Mel Brimfield.