Bakudapan, Living Leftovers. Image courtesy of the artists.

Bakudapan Food Study Group

Bakudapan (founded 2015, Yogyakarta, Indonesia ) is an interdisciplinary study group focusing on food.

Their projects explore ingredients, cooking and food history, and use food as an instrument for discussing broad issues, including politics, gender, economics, philosophy, art, and culture.

Comprising artists, designers and anthropologists, Bakudapan uses a broad frame of reference to map a trajectory between art, ethnography, research and practice.

Their research experiments with methods and forms of practice derived from everyday life (cooking, gardening, reading,) and artistic practice (performance, installation). Their website and journal, which capture and reflect on their work, act as ways to share knowledge with a wide audience

Elia Nurvista (b. 1983) is a visual artist and initiator of Bakudapan Food Study Group. She graduated from Indonesia Institute of Fine-Art, majoring in Design. She’s interested in exploring a wide range of mediums with an interdisciplinary approach, and focus on food discourse. Elia has participated in numerous exhibitions and art residencies, both locally and internationally.

Gatari Surya Kusuma (b. 1993) graduated from Indonesia Institute of Fine-Art, majoring in Photography. She is also part of working team in KUNCI Cultural Studies Center and MES 56, a photography collective. Her main interest is visual culture and its relation with food. With Bakudapan, she has been conducting a project about Indonesian labour in Taipei and it’s relation with power and gender.

Irindhita Laras (b.1990) is an artist and illustrator. She explores themes of lifestyle, subcultures, and the contradictions embedded in social structures. She eager to view what have usually been male preoccupations from a female perspective, using incisive, but fun methods.

Khairunnisa (b. 1991) is a researcher. She graduated from Gadjah Mada University, majoring in Cultural Anthropology. She is co-initiator of Bakudapan Food Study Group. Her main interest is in food and its relationship with the cultural and social issues. She has often been involved with food art projects in Yogyakarta.

Monika Swastyastu (b.1994) recently graduated from Gadjah Mada University, majoring in Cultural Anthropology. She has been researching themes of migration and food security. She also runs the traditional bakery in her hometown. With Bakudapan she leads research into food and tourism.