Webb-Ellis, Parlour Walls, 2016. Image: Bernard G Mills

Parlor Walls

Sunday 12 June 2016

Whitstable Library & Library Lecture Hall

Parlor Walls takes Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 as a starting point to explore alienation in the digital age, and the strangeness of contemporary human experience. Made up of documentary, performance and online videos gleaned over two years, Parlor Walls oscillates between the mythological and the everyday. White clowns, YouTube pseudo intimacy, metal detecting and the atavistic journey of the eel combine in an experimental inquiry into the real, loneliness, desire, memory and touch.

Whilst Fahrenheit 451 presents a distinctly dystopian vision, Parlor Walls harbours a quiet optimism, calling in the oldest of stories to propose new ways of understanding our place within an interconnected world.

The work is approx 20 minutes long on a loop. Visit at any point during opening times. Please note this venue is upstairs.

Music by Paul Michael Henry with ecologist and writer Alastair McIntosh.

Kindly supported by Crescent Arts, University for the Creative Arts, Yorkshire Coast College, Stephen Joseph Theatre and YVAN.

With special thanks to Stuart Cameron, Daniel Cutmore, Matthew de Pulford, Christopher Ellis, Gareth Evans, Lara Goodband, Sue Jones, Daren Kearl and Geraldine Malone.

Webb-Ellis’ studio at Crescent Arts is subsidised by Arts Council

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