Trish Scott, Study for Medium, 2016. Video installation, dimensions variable. © the artist.

Trish Scott

Monday 6 June – Friday 10 June 2016

Harbour, near Deadman’s Corner

This new installation explores potentiality within the creative process. Multiple sound channels describe an artwork that’s not yet made. Different voices (which are at once the same) simultaneously affirm and undermine each other and the form and medium of the potential work shifts and mutates, never settling.

Medium stems from conversations between Scott and a number of psychics, each of whom Scott asked to predict what she’d produce for the Biennale. Made in response to having her own creativity studied by a psychologist, the installation forms part of broader research examining the extent to which artistic outcomes can be foretold and the extent to which it’s possible for one’s creativity to be articulated by another.

The work is approx 15 minutes long on a loop. Visit at any point during opening times.

Supported by Canterbury Christ Church University.