Webb-Ellis, A Dotted Line Across The Map, 2018. Photo: Rosie Lonsdale

Webb-Ellis, A Dotted Line Across The Map, 2018. Photo: Rosie Lonsdale

A dotted line across the map

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Main Concourse, Ebbsfleet International Station

Artist duo Webb-Ellis invite you to join them on a performative stroll through Ebbsfleet Valley, a march through its history, and a reckless leap into imagined futures of this new development at the ‘edge’ of England. Dressed as Pierrot, mutable madcap master of chaos, the artists will lead a sonic exploration of freedom in its many ambiguities.

Individually outfitted with wireless speakers, the group will form a moving ball of sound. Tuning in and out of voices and music carried on the local airwaves, the walk will explore ancient and contemporary ideas of home, community, fear and belonging, in the shadow of Brexit.

Stories of neanderthals crossing the channel on foot, the hard-fought right to roam, and the new international rail connection, interweave in a simple celebration of moving through a landscape on foot. A disorderly ramble through orderly streets and disappearing wasteland in an age of individualism and digital alienation.

Whitstable Biennale is working with Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and Kent County Council towards a cultural vision for Ebbsfleet Garden City, supported by Arts Council England. Part of the NHS Healthy New Town Programme: a partnership between Ebbsfleet Development Corporation, and Dartford, Gravesham and Swanley Clinical Commissioning Group.