Dipesh Pandya


Born in Tanzania, Dipesh Pandya started his [im]migrant journey at the age of three, taking him to England, France, America and India. Writing is integral to his multidisciplinary practice, drawing from research and reflection on ethnopoetics, sensory and auto-ethnography, ritual and linguistics. Critical questions raised across his work as a Brown artist and activist are informed through the constant navigation of multiple intersecting peripheries found within social contact zones.

Using alter egos to examine chronologies, cosmologies and ghosts embodied within living archives; and oral and sonic histories of diasporic identity. Exploring memory creation and commemoration as acts of erasure, dispersion of culture and alternative methods for archival practice; and their use within collaborative spaces for human connection, resistance and hope.

Music, sound and words are used throughout as mnemonic devices for excavating autobiographical and cultural memory; exploring the politics of the street using conversation and public space as generative sites for research, performativity and dissemination through acts of dissent, protest and refusal.

His work merges personal, historical and contemporary material embodied within people of the Global Majority; engaging with processes of [un]learning and sociopolitical discourse in an attempt to find sanctuary from trauma and strength in resistance.